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Ex Gratia Grant

Benefit of Ex-Gratia

  • Lightning -Rs.1,00,000 (Rupees One Lakh)
  • Drowning- Rs.2,00,000(Rupees Two Lakhs)
  • Flood- Rs.2,00,000(Rupees Two Lakhs)
  • Cyclone- Rs.2,00,000(Rupees Two Lakhs)
  • Accident- Rs.2,00,000(Rupees Two Lakhs)
  • Lightning Strike- Rs.2,00,000(Rupees Two Lakhs)
  • Sneak Bite- Rs.1,00,000 (Rupees One Lakh)
  • House Building Grant-
  • Fully Damaged- Rs.17,600(seventeen Thousand Six Hundred)only
  • severely Damaged- Rs. 3,800(Three Thousand Eight Hundred)only
  • Partially Damaged- Rs. Rs. 2,300(Two Thousand Three Hundred)only

Who can apply

Families affected by Fire Accident/Flood/Cyclone/Landslide/Sneak Bite or other natural calamities,which are recognized under Calamity Relief Fund (with indication of the specific nature of calamity) Family Income should not Exceed Rs 2500/- per month

L I S T   O F  D O C U M E N T S        R E Q U I R E D      F O R       E X –G R A T I A   G R A N T 

  1. Original petition.
  2. CA-II report of Pradhan, Concerned GP
  3. Certificate of recommendation from concerned Gram Panchayet Pradhan.
  4. Legal heir certificate from Pradhan.
  5. No objection certificate from legal heirs other than the petitioner.
  6. Death certificate(Attested).
  7. Post mortem report or Medical certificate(in case of snake bite) -Attested.
  8. Police report(Attested).
  9. Attested copy of Ration card & EPIC of the deceased.
  10. Attested copies of Ration card and EPIC of the applicant.
  11. Certificate that no proposal under the personal Accident Insurance Social Security Scheme has been initiated in respect of this case and will not be initiated.
  12. Enquiry Report from local officers (G.P. level/Block level)

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